The Alberta Live Events Coalition began as a task force on March 20, 2020 to discuss best practices for staging live events in a safe manner.




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A few quick stats to show:

  • Thousands of people are out of work from small, medium and large event organizations.
  • With venue capacities set at a bare minimum or closed outright, many of those companies will not survive in 2021.
  • The event industry has lost an average of 75% of its revenue due to COVID-19.
  • The event industry has lost over $350 million in revenue due to COVID-19. This number is only in Alberta.
  • The professionals involved in the construction of a live event, cannot generate enough revenue for their businesses with the strict restrictions on gathering numbers in place.
  • Warehouses stand full and idle – yet still, incur overhead.
  • Our industry needs a runway of time. Events take many weeks, months, and sometimes years to coordinate.
  • We are looking at the second year in a row without revenue if we don’t create a re-launch timeline together.
  • With verbiage given to the public like re-launch and re-open it is ignoring that events over 100 people have been CLOSED for a full year and counting.
  • Without a plan, in place, more businesses will go bankrupt and billions of dollars will be left out of the Alberta economy.
  • The event industry represents a wide range of salaries from minimum wage employees, to full-time staffing making over $200,000/year.

Live events are not the same as mass gatherings. They are not uncontrolled like a shopping mall, a big box store, or a weekend gathering of friends.  Professionally managed events, in a controlled environment and with adherence to reasonable guidelines, present one of the safest environments for people to meet face-to-face

* Please note that ALEC is nonpartisan which means we have no affiliation with, and a lack of bias toward, a political party.

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